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Some General Notes To Help Visitors

(Enjoy Old Mexico-this ain’t Cancun)

The surrounding community to Simpatico is not a typical tourist area. While there are hotels in the area, the community is not a resort area. The local people are hard-working citizens, fishermen, farmers, blue-collar workers such as waiters or waitresses, or small business owner. This guide is an evolving information sheet. Please feel free to add your suggestions and comments in the guest book. The map for this guide is in the rack in the living room.

Concerning unlocking the door; turn the small key half a turn clockwise while pulling on the door. Always lock up. The door locks behind you when you pull it shut. If you continue to turn the key, a bolt will be engaged. If you lock your key in, We have another one. There’s a pay phone accross from Sabritas (see map). It’s good to have a calling card with you. They are available at most of the small stores.

The local people cut through alongside the edge of the property to get access to the beach (see map). Other useful numbers are in the magazine rack. Emergency telephone number is 066- we’ve never used it. San Blas Ministero Publico 01 323 285-06115 = police in San Blas, never called that either, don’t want to.

  • Water – the storage tank on the roof supplies shower and sink water. It is pumped up from the stream. Short showers means less refilling. Please conserve electricity and water when at all possible.

Don’t drink this spring water It is suitable for rinsing and boiling fruits and vegetables. If the hot water heater isn’t on, light it if you want hot water. The five-gallon water jugs are used for drinking and anything else you might feel comfortable with. A truck comes by at odd times for delivery, (they are also available in Santa Cruz and San Blas). Please bring in an empty jug when purchasing additional water. We’re trying to get all plastic jugs. These jugs are costly, we have 5, thanks for helping when you can.

  • Laundry A washing service is located about 1.5 kilometers north on the main road at the Casa Manana. There is also restaurant located there.

    Restaurants If you don’t want to get groceries, in the little village of Sta Cruz, which is south. The closest restaurant is a short walk out the gate, turn right at the T intersection, (always keep the gate closed, not locked). A couple of minutes down the cobblestone road (see map) you’ll find the Eden Restaurant at the Paraiso Miramar. It has a nice view and it’s close, one star food. The next closest places are the ramada’s at Miramar. We use Leo’s.
    Lucy’s is located in Aticama, just past Playa Los Cocos, three blocks up on your right at the town square and is open daily from 7AM till 10PM.
    In San Blas there are many restaurants, the best being the Garza Canala, following the signs in town. The second is the Crocodilia on the town square, the Familia - make a left after the town square. It’s on the right. There’s chicken takeout, pizza and even McDonalds (no…not THAT McDonalds).
    In Tepic, 68 km or 90 minutes over the Sierra Madres, there are several good restaurants. There are two locations for the Girasol, a vegetarian restaurant: one in Centro, and the other at the park.
    There is also now an authentic Japanese restaurant and sushi bar, Matsuri. See brochure in the magazine rack for the addresses and a map. There is also a vegetarian restaurant called Quetzalcoatlh located on Leon St. and Lerdo St. near the cathedral. A good bakery is in the same building. Sometimes it’s easier to park your car and get around in a taxi in Tepic. There are also buses all day long with the last bus back to Miramar leaving at 5PM. While you’re in Tepic, there are several museums. See the pamphlet located in the magazine rack for more info.

  • Swimming A sandy beach is located about a five minute walk to the right around the stone wall in front of the house at low tide. Wear sneakers or water shoes. At high tide, the beach can be reached by walking the roadway along the bluff. (see map). A dip in the river is a pleasant way to rinse off the salt water and wash up.

  • Reading material A small library is located in the bedroom. Please don't take the books when you leave.

  • Other recreational possibilities

  • Fantastic El Cora waterfalls & swim!

  • La Travara Mangrove boat tour in Mantanchen. We suggest the earliest boat tour which leaves at 7AM. Some guides are good.

  • At low tide, tide pooling is fabulous. Turn over rocks near waters edge to discover a whole new world of seashore life.

  • Birding is excellent. A bird list can be found in the magazine rack and if you are a serious birder, bring a field guide and binoculars.

  • Whale watch vessel(s) at the wharf in San Blas.

  • Other Information

  • Bicycles There’s an air pump and locks for the two mountain bikes available for use.

  • High speed wireless in the house, bring your own laptop.
    by previous arrangement.

  • Medical clinic – in Sta Cruz and Aticama just after the bridge and a larger one in San Blas. Puerto Villarta also has extensive medical facilities. First aid kit in bathroom.

  • Buses – Buses leave Puerto Vallarta 7:30AM, 10AM and 1:30PM and 3:00PM cost about 100 pesos one way. Make sure you clarify the bus for La Manzanilla, municipal of San Blas, Nayarit. To find the main bus station in Puerto Villarta, ask for Central Camionera. The bus stop in La Manzanilla is a few hundred yards to Simpatico. Going south, buses leave San Blas at 7AM, 10AM, 2PM and at the bus stop at the end of the paved cobblestone road 20 minutes after the hour. The bus could take up to an hour after it leaves San Blas so please be patient. There is an hour time difference , 1 hr later. The bus trip takes no more than three hours. You can take a 50 peso cab or a 5 peso bus to the airport from there.